How to Install, Run and Play Dota 2 ?


I got my Dota 2 key almost a year now unfortunately I haven’t use it as I’v been occupied with some other games. Today I finally find the time to try Dota 2. Before that allow me to provide on how to install, run and play Dota 2 on Steam for sake of those people who also want to try Dota 2.

First things first you need a Dota 2 key. I got mine from a friend. Then you need to create a Steam account at and install their installer. Then my friend sent the DOTA 2 Key to my account via from his account on Steam. After that I downloaded Dota2 game installer. When its done you simply install it and after that you can run dota2. If you dont have a dota 2 key what you can do is search twitter for free Dota2 key or purchase the early access for Dota2. Remember Dota2 has not been released yet though its already very popular.

I think that would be it. It will only take a little longer in downloading the game however, if you have a fast internet connection then you can install it within an hour or two.

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