How to get out from Enslavement – War of Legends ?

I’m a regular player of War Of Legends, a browser MMO.  Just today my city got occupied by a stronger enemy that has more reputation than my City and since this was my first enslaved experience  I somehow got disoriented. What I did I tried to do an uprising immediately to attempt to get my City back. I failed for the first and second attempt then somehow I realize the best and easiest way to get the city back was to use a Liberation. This is an Aid item that allows you to get out from an enslavement instantly. If you dont have one you can go premium. Well, since I have 75 credit points to use which I got from playing the closed beta I easily purchased Liberation Aid item. You can execute the Liberation item by going to your city palace structure  then click the small icon near the name of the Baron that occupied your city.

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