How to Fix Allods Online Version Corrupted Error?

I just downloaded Allods Online, a new 3D Fantasy MMORPG with some unique features published by Gpotato. I also just started playing the game few minutes ago but I spent almost an hour figuring out the error I encountered while patching and running the Allods Client. I’m getting a Client Corruption message “Version is corrupted”. I thought reinstalling the game would fix it but somehow it didn’t fixed the issue but rather having a working launcher copy would solve the problem. Gpotato supposedly created a fix to it but it didn’t work at all. Of course you can try it by going here

I fixed the problem by downloading a same working copy of launcher.exe shared by other Allods online Player. Download it at Megaupload portal . Goodluck and enjoy the game. Will be posting my first glance review soon.

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  • Havoktaichou  says:

    Thanks man I was looking for something to help me with this issue, since the new patch has made the game impossible to play?

  • noobtalkin'  says:

    hey i have a problem, when i push the play button of allods
    i have an error than says ”some files are corrupted”
    can i fix them downloading this?

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