Highstreet 5 Philippines : The First Glance

I got the chance in trying this new game Highstreet 5 after someone gave us a copy of the installer few days ago. Without any hesitation I asked my icafe personnel to install it to several computers then brought the installer at home for testing.

Installing highstreet 5 went smoothly without any errors. Since I already pre registered weeks ago all I needed to do was logged in to the game.

I was amazed with the In-game environment.  It’s colorful, funky, cool, unique and I can say its interestingly different from all existing casual online game I tried so far. The battle music were nice and latest. So, you won’t probably get bored.  Check out my screen shots and tell me what you think?

(This is one unique feature : the ability to sit when you are tired dancing)


  1. Whoa, the visuals seem nice from this side of the fence. I’m actually going to get an installer tomorrow and see how that goes. So what’s the game about? Is it an Audition clone? Can you engage in other activities?

    Oh, and what are the system requirements?

  2. this is not an audition clone its rather more advance .. i say 5/5 u can walk,dance evrywhere,smooth graphics,ur character has stats and battle with players who are in different rooms teleport in an instant when u start the game :p

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