Heroes of the Storm Beta Signup and Announcement at the Blizzon 2013


Heroes of the Storm is the version of Blizzard of the famous ALL Stars DOTA. We cannot ignore the fact that DOTA started as a Warcraft III user MOD map which the main game WC3 is a product of Blizzard. Heroes of the Storm is to compete with games like Valve’s DOTA 2 and Riot’s League of Legends which are continuously making waves and entertaining the MOBA community.

Game director Dustin Browder talks about Heroes of the Storm on Blizzcon 2013. In Heroes of the Storm there are some twist like for instance in a pirate-map that takes place on Blackheart Bay. “On Blackheart Bay you’re going to collect cursed treasure and deliver it to a pirate lord,” said Browder. If you succeed, the pirate lord will turn his cannons on your enemies.

It was also announced at Blizzcon 2013 that Beta Signup for Heroes of the Storm is already available.

You can watch the Heroes of the Storm Trailer and sneakpeak of gameplay below.

Some Heroes of the Storm screen capture images




heroes of the storm 5

heroes of the storm 4

heroes of the storm 3

heroes of the storm 2

heroes of the storm1

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