Heroes of Newerth First Glance Review

Heroes of Newerth Beta Game has been around since last year but I haven’t got any beta keys and its client back then. Well, after so much time waiting I finally got my hands on this Heroes of Newerth or popurlarly called HON Game today as they started HON Open beta last March 31, 2010 requiring no keys. With so much Heroes available, I just decided to pick the first Hero on the Screen from the Legion which is named Andromeda.

But before going into the Hero stuff Ive choosen, let me first mention some great stuff I saw in the HON client and in-game. My first glance experience is amazing as I can really say HON has a superb graphics and environment design. Its sounds and dialogue are great as well. So far I haven’t experience slowdown while playing head to head with other players online. The game is pretty much straight forward and easy to get familiarize with. I wont mention its competitors as it has its own generation and followers that are also enjoying their games.

The Hero Andromeda Official Description over at Heroes Of Newerth official portal

The star-born celestial known as Andromeda is a stranger to Newerth. With no memory of her home or her people, she is driven merely by an innate sense that the Hellbourne are vile and the mortal inhabitants of Newerth innocent. Her powerful dimensional magic allows her to bring destruction to the daemons or strength to her new-found allies.

Andromeda Level 1 Stats

Primary Attributes : Agility
Strength : 16 (per level: 2.3)
Agility : 27 (per level : 2.35)
Intelligence : 15 (per level : 1.75)

Attribute Information
Movement Speed : 295

Defense Information
Armor: 3.1 – Magic Armor: 5.5
Reduction : 15.7% – Reduction 24.8%

Attack Information
Ranged – Range : 400
Damage : 39 – 53

Base Attack Cooldown: 1.7 seconds
Attack Cooldown: 1.339 seconds
0.747 attack per second

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