Heroes of Might and Magic Online First Glance Review

I was in college when I first played Heroes of Might and Magic, a turn-based fantasy RPG for PC. Since then I followed its development and releases and so the improvement of  the game. Just recently, Heroes of Might and Magic now Online and went into Open Beta and without any hesitation I downloaded the 1.39GIG HoMM game client. I also came to know that IP coming outside Asia is not permitted as of this writing. So there after exploring the game for couple of hours here’s my Heroes of Might and Magic Online first glance review.

When you launch the game you will need to choose which server you want join then you need to choose one from eight  towns namely Rampart, Stronghold, Necropolis, Castle, Dungeon, Inferno, Fortress, and Tower in which have its own strenght, heroes and army.

The graphics of HOMM Online looks  more like the PC version but its more vibrant and refine this time. Camera 360 View is available during turn-based battle but not on the outskirt. abundance number of creatures you will see in game is really interesting. Seventy-seven nicely created avatars for your character also exist in game. However, one thing I noticed was the the running animation of the character which I think its not appropriete. Other than that so far soo good.

For the first glance play of the game I’ve chosen Castle which is describe as the  home to the most fervent upholders of law and justice. Then I picked Cavalier from the four selection of Hero. After that your character will appear in the city and immediately started its first quest. Don’t worry in looking for it because HoMM has this feature called Autopath finding. You just need to go with the flow and you will level to 8 or even more by just finisihing some quests.

In order for you to save more gold and gain experience you just need to go to the outskirt and start your adventure. Just make sure whenever you have enough gold build your army and upgrade your town.  In most cases you encounter mobs outside your town. As of this first glance review post I haven’t tried the PK feature against other HOMM players as I think there is a level requirement and map for it.

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  1. I’ve also been following the franchise too and I’m surprised why you didn’t say out loud that the online version is A BIG LOAD OF CRAP!!! I have to ask myself the whole time I’ve been playing the game whether I would be riding that “Silver Pegasus” thing just for me to do quests. Not to mention the annoying “Assistant” everytime I have to check out my castle. I have to play Heroes III again just to comfort myself…

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