Heroes Of Gaia – Web Browser Game

Heroes of Gaia is a Free fantasy online game and its playable on your favorite browser, meaning you don’t need to download large files into your hard drive.


Basically, the player needs to build his castle, recruit heroes and armies, slay beast, Forge alliance and make some strategies to win battles. At the moment Heroes of Gaia only have 1 server (Titan) to choose from. This Web Browser Game is rich with nice graphics that can compete with other standalone PC games.


The game really reminds me of this classic game called Heroes of Might and Magic.

The screen shot below shows the battle scene of this game. If you notice its very similar with other popular turn based game like Heroes Might and Magic.


To play the game you can visit http://www.heroesofgaia.com/index.html

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  1. i am from philippines.. and i think there will be a game named CASVIAN that will be launched here very soon same as that.

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