Hello Kitty Philippines : First Glance

Hello Kitty a classic brand and now playable online here in the Philippines through publisher Level Games. You can register your account by going to https://my.levelupgames.ph/Register/HKOquickreg.aspx. If you already have a Levelup account just login to your account and create a game by picking hello kitty on the drop down.

Here is gamerster’s first glance on this cartoon MMORPG. After getting that hello kitty login account you will be welcomed with three worlds namely: Wonderful, Magical and Fantasy. The game is very colorful, vibrant and full of cute stuff however, the game can be considered a 2D Fantasy MMORPG. It is also tailored for a younger audience.

Playing Hello Kitty Online doesn’t focus just on Hack and Slash thing but it has also exciting quests and non combat activities like Planting, Gathering, Woodcutting, Mining,  Forging, Carpentry, Cooking, Tailoring in which you’ll need to level this up. Since I’m just starting to level up I still haven’t reach owning a pet.



Functionality and keys are not similar to most MMORPG but you can always get familiarize with it. No Camera Zoom In and Zoom out view.  As I continue my adventure on this cute game, I’m expecting to experience more fun and excitement or else I won’t let my kids play it 😀 😀 hehe. Seriously, speaking the game is really targeting younger gamers and the way I see it the game is not that too violent as when you hit a cute monsters they sometimes just fall asleep instead of being killed.


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  1. That was a pretty fun post to read. And jobs in hello kitty online? I think they close beta is over now. Is that open beta?? Have they started on it??

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