Hello Kitty Online Philippines

Hello Kitty Online will have its local server here in the Philippines and the publisher is Level Up Inc.

Hello Kitty is a classic and cute brand but this online game is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Basically, this game is about Hello Kitty and all her friends. Players can create and customize their avatar, own a pet and train them, Play puzzles and minigames in-game, work on your own private farm,  and of course explore gorgeeous hello kitty lands.


  1. I bet may mga Filipinos na susubok maglaru ng Hello Kitty MMORPG na eto.

    Maging cute pa kaya ang Hello Kitty kung magiging MMORPG? Opinion ko lang: magiging “violent” ang Hello Kitty Online which is not “cute”

    Start na Hello Kitty Online Philippines! XD

  2. @adrian
    hindi po magiging violent ung HKO kasi hindi ka naman pumapatay ng monsters, you only ‘stun’ them. walang gore and violence dun.

    @mika k
    MMORPG – multimedia online role playing game
    you’d be surprised how many moms are playing HKO with their daughters / sons. ^_^

  3. @Usagi
    Mali eh, ang MMORPG
    Ibigsabihin Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game,
    Yung sayo MORPG lng eh…

  4. Err, wtf is level-up thinking? Kumuha n nman cla ng trash game na katulad neto? Di na cla nadala sa Oz world at ngayon kumuha p cla neto? lol

    Dapat ung mga ganitong laro kinakabit n lang sa facebook.

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