HearthStone Update #1


23 days after making a review post about this HearthStone Game from Blizzard here I am again sharing my game progress. Honestly, I cannot simply stop going online and play this game. I am now addicted with it and spending several hours a day leveling up. The excitement continues and the enjoyment is too high to stop playing.

I’m into Mage character with current level of 30. The least character I played was Paladin while I only use other characters when there is quest for day. My total level all in all is 119.


So what makes me continue to play the game aside from the enjoyment and excitement I’m getting ? Well I just simply love this game because as you level up it allows you to get newer cards that you can add to your collections. Well, it is true its not always a unique card you get when you reach a certain level or when you open a deck but you see since we don’t know what we are getting from it an element of surprise makes it more interested.

My next objective would be playing more on the Arena.This is the place where you pay 150 gold in order to get inside then you will be picking 30 cards. You will be using the 30 cards to win against real people with 30 random cards as well. If you lose 3 times you will be kicked out and you need to pay another 150 gold if you want to get in again. The longer you stay inside thru winning more games the better prize card you get.

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