Guild Wars 2 Free Trial this weekend


ArenaNet open its door for a Free Trial of their premium game Guild Wars 2 this August 24-25, 2013. When I saw this news on twitter I did not waste time as I still need to download this huge game installer. The last time I check its more than 6gig in size. After few hours of waiting for the download to finish I finally played the game last night and still playing it this morning. I still have like more than a day to try the game. It was announced that the trial is currently open to all players in North America and Europe however when I tried running the game it is working here in the Philippines. You can register a free trial account by visiting this page on the official GW2 website. Guild Wars 2 was released last year August 28, 2012 and almost 1 year had past it looks like the community is still growing. My first impression was really great and I’m sure you will also enjoy it

So, if you have fast internet connection its still not too late to download the game installer and try the game. Honestly, I’m tempted to get a full copy. The digital version is $20 since they are on sale right now.

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