Granado Espada Philippines: The First Glance

I got a CD installer of Granado Espada last week from my Game Card supplier here in Binan Laguna. After a day or two I got a time to install and patch the said game. Unfortunely, I wasn’t able to play it due to some important things needs to be done.

Then Yesterday, I finally got the time to play it and my first impression to the game is really nice. The graphics is just wonderful. The game keys and mouse  buttons are standard. When I say standard meaning the keys/buttons are almost the same with other popular online games. With this gamer can easily get to use to it. About the game play I still need to spend more time in playing the game before I can post something here.

The most unique feature  I came across with is the ability of the gamer to create 3 characters on one account and use those characters at the same time when hunting monsters and leveling up. Isn’t that cool?

Right now I’m doing some quests and I just want to be familiar with the story line of the game. Below is a screen shot of a default  Granado Espada Game Character.


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