Gong Open Beta

I got the chance downloading the GONG client today and installed it on my Personal Computer. The game is from mobiusgames and TOSE and launched the Open Beta last July 13, 2008. When I’m on the process of registering an account my choosen login name was not available anymore and so I had this thought that I already have an account for this game. When I tried logging in it went through and created my character.

There are 12 characters to choose from namely :

Female Characters :
Grace – The Local Hearthrob.
Quinn – Plays soccer with guys everyday
Annika – Likes to read books
Kate – The Hip hop dancer
Emma – is a constant ball of energy
Lara – has always loved playing with her hair

Male Characters :
Elon – The classic overachiever.
Justin – Dreams to be the Best Goalie.
Johan  РThe Break Dancer
Sander – One to be a model someday
Oliver – Brawling is his game
Andy –¬† The Pizza Monster

My initial impression on the game was good even i’m more into Hack & Slash and combat RPG games. Casual soccer game is just different experience. Probably, I just needed a game like this once in a while for light and crazy online activity. I spent 4 games playing earlier and I got promoted to level 2 then I stopped and started writing this entry.

Gong will stay here on my computer as I’m going to introduce this to my kids. I’m sure they will love it. A little practice would be necessary!

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