Going Bald because of Playing MMO ?

Playing online game is fun but if playing becomes an addiction and you stopped doing your usual routine that will become a problem. Imagine you skip breakfast, lunch or even dinner. You only eat junk food just to level up your in-game character. Do you think that would be healthy for your body? Worst case if you did not reached your goal for your character even you spent some amount of premium items, it might lead to stress.  Being stressful will make your immune system weaker. Not to mention you get dandruff and eventually loose hair and get bald. But dont worry in this technology era days we already have some medical companies to consult incase you are loosing hair. Like this new york city hair transplants for men. Of course we also have services like that in our country as we also have other medical group here.

So, next time you play your favorite MMO and go addict mode always remember the key to healthy gaming lifestyle is not to forget your usual daily routine.

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