Game Club – Facebook Games

Earlier today I saw a link to facebook labelled as Mini GameClub from one of the Game client published here in the Philippines. My curiousity led me to click it and was surprised Gameclub has this thirty (30) plus flash games. Like any other facebook game found in this social network site you need to allow the application to run on your facebook profile.

Some features of Mini Gameclub includes:

Tournament mode – is competition mode with other player’s score who is playing at same time. There are 3 people mode, 10 people mode and lots of tournament way with 500~10,000 enterance coins. You can get the winner’s coins when you win a each tournament.

Badges – Each game has eight challenge missions and every challenge increase its difficult. Acquired badge can be paid with coin.

Minigames Ranking System – every time you play games you will ranked according to your game scores. You have also the option to see all players ranking or just your friends who are also playing mini Game Club games. Ranking is updated once in a week following maintenance schedule.

I think this is a good move for GameClub to put their mini flash games into facebook instead of starting from scratch. As we all know facebook community is very huge and its social gamers are still active in playing flash games.

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