Friendster Game : Dragon’s Call – Sacred Wings


Friendster revamped  and re-launched its site and become a game portal. All content of the site was deleted except your profile or login as when I tried it few days ago I just need to  use my username and password to get in. If you are still interested to check friends you can see a lot of browser games on their site.

The first game I tried was Dragon’s Call – Sacred Wings, a RPG (mmo) browser game. It’s not a new game actually as I’ve seen this already but I haven’t tried it yet.

Though there were 37, 421 who tried the game or who are  playing this  game,   Dragon’s Call – Sacred Wings looks okay but I think I won’t be hooked to this as I feel like its just a common MMORPG browser game.  However, I will be checking this game from time to time.

Some features of Dragon’s Call includes, weapon and other armor upgrades, Skill upgrades, handful of quests to finish, enchantment of items and maybe a lot more which I still need to explore.

That’s my first glance on Dragon’s Call – Sacred Wings!

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