Fix to Special Force PC rebooting issue

I’ve been getting emails and did read some comments on this site asking on how to fix the Special Force PC restart issue. Usually this issue comes out if your PC has low RAM installed.

First of all, this issue happened also to other online games. Secondly, if you are LAZY to read then I cannot do anything for you. Third, this solution solved the issue for some of my friends’ personal computers and lastly, try this at your own risk. If you are in doubt then DON’T TRY using this solution.

To fix this try these steps:
1. In the window screen Click START then  RUN.
2. Type regedit to launch registry window.
3 Then go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
4. Doubled click on “PagedPoolSize” then choose Hexadecimal.
5. Typed 18000000 to the value textbox. Default value is zero.
6. Closed window and reboot the computer.


  1. @holypunk
    tol tlga ba gagana yan amd dual core optimizer?
    kc problem d2 sa pc ko eh restart
    tnx kung pwede kung hinde ala lang ^_^

  2. hello… bakit ganun lageh ang sf ?? sa tuwing ng lalaro aq bigla nag di disconnenction kada maglaro aq ng teambattle pag umabot sa 8 to 9 rounds?? ok nmnan connection q.. nakaka ereta pag lageh ganito.. tapos d nyu ba kayang mwala yang mga pesting cheater n yan??? nakakawalang ganang maglaro pati.. adik pa nmn sana mga gamers sa net shop q sa ecoin nyu… malaking kwala 2 sa nyu kung lilipat kami sa e-games parehas lang nmn… pero kung bigyan nyu ng pansin or actionan nyu comments nmin… sa sf lang talga kami maglaro…

    sana may feerback to pra makaliwanagan tau…were such a subscriber but also a client or customers.

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