FishVille Tips, Tricks, Cheat

(No FishVille Cheat on this page)

I just noticed that Zynga have its latest Facebook game called Fishville.  If you remember Farmville  is also from Zynga and this time they said fishville is the underwater farmville.  But of course lets not call it that way.

For starter, you can search FishVille application on your facebook search box so that you can play it. As soon as you load the game an animation will let you see that you are assembling your Fish tank then a little basic tutorial follows.



Basically, you buy fish eggs on the store, put it on the tank and feed it. Here are some FishVille Tips & Tricks but not cheat.

– Play only if you are sure you have free time
– Pay attention to the feeding time of your fish
– Put different kinds of Fish Eggs
– Don’t forget to Give your fish some love.
– Decorate only if you have enough coins
– Add Neighbors as soon as possible and visit them



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