First Glance : ZX online Philippines

I finally installed the game client of ZX Online Philippines yesterday and made the manual patch as suggested by the CM. Running the game went smoothly though some gamers thought and reported they are having error in launching the game. I think this is due to this message “FAILED TO CONNECT TO THE UPDATE SERVER shown on the game client. All you have to do is ignore it and then just click Start game. Since this is Closed Beta Test, game client might have some minimal issues.

The First Glance

I’m currently playing the ZX online for several hours now. So far it’s pretty much making to the “Go Ahead and play the game” first impression. It has good graphics too.


Since the developer of the game was also the one who developed Perfect World Philippines which is Perfect World Co., a leading online game developer and operator in China. Allow me to somehow compare the game with Perfect World Online. I would say the environment looks similar with Perfect World Philippines but of course I still assumed game play experience will be different. Unlike PW, ZX Online lacks of character customization, the creating of your character which is easy and in-fact you just need to choose the gender, face and hairstyle for your character. You can choose from 7 different faces and hairstyles. Then your adventure starts as a young paladin.

Game Play
Like what I usually say, it is still early to make a comment on the game play.

Since it’s still on its closed beta test and I still haven’t seen any premium items, it would be better to just wait on what would be the offering of E-games on the ZX online Premium shop.

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