First Glance : Twelve Sky 2

After hearing that Twelve Sky 2 will be released by here in the Philippines and since there is still no Twelve Sky 2 PH download client, my eagerness to try the game led me to download the US Open Beta released of the game. After successfully downloaded the Twelve Sky 2 client I went directly to register an account and played the game.

The moment I saw the login screen I had this first impression that the graphics is not that superior. As I reached the character creation I was right with the graphics, not the best out there but it runs on a 3D Engine. The environment of this Asian theme MMO was a little bit dark though there is an option where users can adjust the brightness of the game.

As I tried leveling up I can say that the skill animation of this game is nice however, I’m seeing plain and solid colors of the animation effects. A good Camera View is available and an option to shift battle view that changes the characters in a clan will look the same. Since my character is still on its newbie level I still need to get that game experience on how the War system works and how those higher skills contribute to in-game adventure.

The Closed beta of Twelve Sky 2 in the Philippines will take place by July 2009, I would be still playing it and lets all see what the game can offer us gamers.


  1. Bakit ganun, wala pang available na client sa ph pero may forums na sa mygames about sa TwelveSky2? Tapos CBT na kagad ang irerelease this coming july pero hindi pa sila nagrerelease ng OBT tama ba ako? Nakakapagtaka pa eh ang dami ng mga pinyo na naglalaro nito ayon sa forum. Ano ang gamit nilang client? US Client?
    BTW ito yun forum ng mygame:

  2. @ulrichxyco

    Closed Beta always comes before Open Beta. If you didn’t get a CBT key, you won’t be able to join the closed beta test.

    If this is the case, then you need to wait for Open Beta to play the game. Or you can go try The Gamerster’s Route by playing it on the international server.

  3. Amp di n makalogin sa international server…invalid ip address na kame d2 sa shop defuta!!!!

  4.….masmaganda pa ang 12sky kaysa 12sky2 noh!! 3d pah ang graphics…and masmarami pa ang nagplay ng 12sky rather than pah!! wlang philipine server sa 12sky lahat international…master1 na pla ako,,gl 4 me..woot>>lvl lng ng lvl….

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