First Glance : Rohan Online

I finally downloaded Rohan Online US and installed it on my PC. Since ROhan Online will soon have its own Philippine server I’ve decided to get my hands on the US version just to familiarize the basic of the game so that by the time it comes to our shore I’m ready to go into addict mode 😀

The First Glance
Its one of the best first impression among MMORPG I tried. Maybe because of the superior graphics and the different character races.

I started by picking Dekan among other 5 races namely : Human, Elf, Half-elf, Dhan and Dark Elf.
Creating characters were easy since you can only customize the face and the hair. You can choose from 5 different faces and 10 hairstyles.

Dekan Race
Dekan Race

After seeing the game enviroment and mobs, I can say it cool amazing and if I need to describe it, just think of Lineage 2 / Perfect World combined looking environment.

Do I really need to mention this ? Well, lets just say the Rohan Online Server I tried today is not yet the Philippine server so I’ve decided not to say anything for now since I cannot smoothly play the game.

US server is somewhat lag. Probably because I’m here in the Philippines. Let’s just hope Philippine server is much much faster than the US server


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