First Glance : OverSoul

It took me several days in downloading the Oversoul game client since I don’t leave my computer open when I’m away. The registering of account is fast except that the verification email didn’t get into my gmail account. What I did I email them and they reply immediately with the activation link.

Upon login in to the game and went to the character creation, I immediately tested the basic features of an MMORPG. One of the most important features I usually check in a game is the camera zoom and rotation. For me it’s a plus point and besides we are in this era where gamers appreciate more if they can view their character in different angles. Oversoul have all the basic feature which includes : Camera Zoom/Rotation, commonly used key shortcuts, Character Jump, Sitting down, fast picking of drops and normal animation movement. As I explore Oversoul land I realize the graphics is not the best out there. The mobs outside the castle are so bright to the eyes and with that its not clear anymore what the mobs really look like. But one thing that catches my attention as I started slashing some mobs was the fight animation. Its comparable to other games here in the Philippines and you’ll see blood spilling off as I slaughtered the enemies. Another one is the ability of the character to assign two weapons and during fighting you can just press R then the weapon would switch let say from sword to spear and you can use its specific skills. While I’m on it, I’ve also seen some players on a PVP mode and witnessed the great fighting animation of Oversoul.

I hope developers can slowly improve how the mobs look like in the future Maps of the game. A more refine graphics would make the game more interesting. Additional Info here


  1. This game’s community is poor and so is the management. It seems that they don’t give importance to the community and their players as well, this is proven by the mass quitting of oversoul players. The item mall prices are to expensive for a game with this quality (come on, the graphics suck and overall gameplay is boring. It really gets repetitive too fast). The game is filled with ill mannered players and less caring gm’s. I do not suggest anyone playing this game.

  2. It was my first time to try an on line game, and I like OverSoul. Though I must admit that the graphics is not that great. I disagree with BlackRose. How can you say that the GM’s don’t care about the players? Did they suspend your account that is why you’re whining here?

    I am not defending OverSoul, because I must admit that it has its’short comings too but for you to ay that the game is filled with ill mannered players is not fair.

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