First Glance : Operation 7 PH

E-games PH finally got interested to First Person Shooter type of Online game as they released Closed Beta late last month. And for myself I finally got the first glance and experience in playing this MMOFPS called Operation 7 earlier today.

Operation 7 (OP7) has many features similar to other FPS but of course developers are still trying to have its additional features that would make the game different from those ealier released FPS. Operation 7 offers several avatars to choose from and players can customize its character before entering the lobby. This customization is a plus factor plus the weapon customization in which the game will stand out from the other similar games and  FPS hardcore will love it.  For the graphics I cannot give OP7 higher than 7 as I was expecting a higher graphical settings.  The ranking system after every battle play is just like any FPS but in this game you actually get a good amount of exp and gold each gameplay. The keyboard keys of the game is very much standard.

Below screenshot is how the lobby look like. When you hover your mouse to the room name it will show the room, map, no. of players and other of the gameplay info.


As soon as the game ends the screen below will flash. It shows the gain kills, death, exp, gold and other info.


Waiting Room


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