First Glance : Nostale Online Philippines ( Global )

Nostale is the Tale of the Nomad of Silver Spirit. Its a role playing game built on the concept of Growth and Ownership.

The First Glance
After creating the account and started logging-in, I went directly to the character creation. You just need to pick a gender, Hairstyles and hair colors. One unique feature I noticed during my early level the ability of your character to capture pet or non playing characters and use it to help you out on your adventure. As early as Level 1 you can have your first pet or nosmates as the gamers call it. I also came to know after asking a friendly high level character that players can grab a small piece of land where you can put up a house and train your nosmates. Pretty interesting huh!

As I roamed the Nostale’s town I noticed there were lot of different characters, cute and cool ones I would say. The cartoonish graphics sill looks good.

My character is still low level and yet, I can see myself playing a little more longer since I’m a little bit curious on how this acquiring land, putting up house and training my pets or nosmates. Seeing different variety of costumes, having several nosmates at your side during your solo adventures and seeing the community in-game made me think that gameplay would be fun. I hope I can do a follow up first glance experience soon.

As of this early I cannot make any comment about what needs to improve on the game.

One Comment

  1. NosTale really is a bright star on the mmorpg sky. Especially because it’s free. I like the cute anime-style graphics and the pet-tool.

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