First Glance : Metin2 US


I first heard Metin2 more than a year ago when some friends of mine decided to stop playing Khan Online Philippines and invited me to try Metin2 online. Back then I wasn’t really able to download the Metin2 client and did not tried the game.

Then last march 6, 2009 G4Box announced the Metin2 March Promotion. The update consist of good promo for new recruits  and  they added 2 new channels which I stumbled on the internet, after reading it I somehow got interested  and  download the Metin2 Client and tried the game.

This Fantasy and Free MMO has a dark type of environment. Character includes 2 New Female Suras, 2 New Male Assassins, 2 New Female Warriors, 2 New Male Mages.  One thing I like with metin2 is that the character can attack multiple mobster while maintaining speed with the character skills. This is very similar with Khan Online.

Camera view has a limitation where you cannot really go close up going up. Meaning gamers somehow just slighly  looking down to their game character. The Graphics is cool enough for me but not the best out there if I will compare to today’s MMO releases but I believe a year or two ago Metin2 can really compete with other online games.

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