First Glance : Luna Online PH


I spent few hours to explore Luna Online PH today. My first impression of this 3D online game was great. The clear, vibrant and cute graphics of the game after it was loaded made me want to try the game further. Luna Online is also free to play MMORPG.

In creating your character, you can choose from any of two Races(Human or Elf), then you can pick among the three Main classes : Fighter, Mage or Roque. There are few stuff you can do with your Luna character appearance and that would be choosing from 10 different hairstyles and faces.

My initial playing experience in this game is above average as I find the functionality easy to use, game animation runs smooth and I would say those basic features of a 3D game can be found in Luna Online.

Some game features includes :

– players can form Families and purchase farm to cultivate it.
– Dating System that would match your profile with other players in the game.
– Auto looting after mobs kill
– Plenty of skills and quests
– Aside from armor, you can also wear costumes.
– Transcend to over 40+ Jobs Classes with various combinations.
– Fishing System
– Craft System
Below are some screenshots I took earlier.

Currently, I’m at Level 12 and still exploring the game. Hopefully, I can do some follow up post here.


  1. yeeeah. i’d rather stay on the int’l version for now, on the solely because i’ve already acquired quite a few rare items already.

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