First Glance : Fiesta Online Closed Beta

After a tiring weekend I found myself playing Fiesta Online Philippines early in the evening today. Its the game closed beta which has started last October 13. Currently, Fiesta Online story is in chapter 1 and i’m sure as soon as the game will progress we will be seeing the next chapter.

The First Glance
I would say game can be considered as cute and cartoon like style 3D MMORPG. After finally was able to login to the game client I can somehow relate the game to flyff and Rose online though I can personally say Rose Online is much better in term of graphics. I can safely say the game targets different community. Probably teens and gamers who want to try a little lighter type of MMORPG.

Characters / Environment
You can choose from Archer, cleric, warrior and mage,. Customization is not that extensive. Right now you cannot change the default face of your character upon creation but you can choose your hair style and hair color. The characters are neatly made with color shaded type of sketch. For the environment you might just want to check the screen captured below. Its cool to the eyes.

At this point I cannot really rate the game play since I just started playing this an hour ago however, this game is pretty much straight forward and easy to get familiarize on how to play the game.

If there is a next version of game put some muscle to the characters. That would be it for now.

Fiesta screenshot
Fiesta screenshot

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  1. Who makes the fiesta online ph hopefully you can do so quickly because some day we wait it’s just I wish to restore the pH Fiesta online.

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