First Glance : Dragonica Online

Pre-Open Beta of Dragonica Online started last June 4 as iahgames made it online to all gamers including the Philippine Based Gamers. After downloading the game yesterday and since I have already an account with iahgames unified system I went ahead to try the game.

To start, Dragonica can be considered a cute cartoonish graphic plus arcade like game. I believe this kind of game targets younger generation let say 7 to teenagers.  The game had a smooth and cool combo skills and the environment is colorful and vibrant. It comes with 10 hairstyles to choose from both male and female gender, 20 different colors for your hairstyles, 10 faces to suit your taste and 4 classes or path to take namely Warrior, Magician, Archer and thief.

If you played GrandChase and you like the vibrant colors of Rose Online then you might like this game. Playing this game is relaxing and less stress maybe because of its environment. Here’s the link to the official website

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