First Glance : Destiny Online

Destiny Online from Ingle Games Limited and formerly known as Legend of the Golden Plume will start its Open Beta tomorrow. 


First Glance
As soon as I saw the character creation screen I expected this is a 2D MMORPG. Basically, its a cartoon-like slash cute online game. I believe the graphics, game environment and colorful characters are nicely created.

Destiny Online has five character classes to choose from namely Warrior, Swordman, Priest, Mage and Taoist. One unique feature of the game is called Master/ Apprentice system in which players at least level 55 can get his own apprentice as long as its 30 level below the master level to earn extra exp when apprentice level up. While for apprentice gains certain bonus and EXP sharing. As I explored the game I came to know that players can also capture and carry upto 4 pets. Additional Pet cages will increase number of pets the player can carry upto 10 pets. Character point statistics are not build automatically by the system. Meaning players should distribute it for every level.

The first one hour playing this cute 2D MMORPG is not bad at all. Except that no camera view adjustment available, no zoom in zoom out. Gameplay cannot be rated at this time since I just got started.

I believe Destiny online targets the younger gamers and since the game is kind of cute, got some nice features and the 2D graphics is not bad, I think the game deserves to be out there in the MMORPG market. Check out Destiny Online Official Website here.

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  1. i like this because i play destiny only my character is warrior level 84 name w0w12 this is my say in destiny online thank you….. ^_^

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