First Glance : Chaos Online

As soon as I saw the “Beta Keys Giveaways”  I immediately checked the site. Since I like the graphics shown on the website I downloaded the game client last night.

The First Glance
Right after I installed the game client I immediately login and created my warrior character. I somehow feel the game is nice but the graphics puts negative points to it. However, this game has potential in terms of unique features. You see I haven’t played online game with option to use this so called Robot Mode which is already embedded in this game. This robot mode is an auto attack, auto pots, auto picks, auto skills with different settings. It has some nice premium items as well, from fashion, to pets and modern motorcycle plus characters can be married.

The game only uses 2.5D Graphic engine so we should not expect superior graphics on the characters and environment. It has three races with three classes each.

It would be nicer if it has a rotation option in camera view for zoom in and out in viewing the characters. I think this is one basic feature that this game should have.

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