First glance : 2moons from Acclaim

Starting today I’m going to explore and post International related MMO Games. Yesterday I got my hands on this mmorpg called 2moons. The game is released by acclaim and started its open beta last July 30, 2007.

Basically, you go to the usual signing up procedures then download the 2moons client. Most online games client I knew in the Philippines works like this, once you click the game icon on your desktop the game loads up while 2moons uses their website then you need to login and click the play link on their site to start the client.

First Glance
My first glance with the game is okay. Since acclaim targeted adult gamer the game is kinda brutal in terms of graphics and some NPC language. You won’t usually see the word “SHIT” in other MMORPG but in 2moons you’ll see that.

Character / Environment Graphics
I like the how the character and the environment was made. Not the best out there but for me its above average. I just like darker game settings and environment.

2moons Screen Shots

At this point I cannot really rate the game play since I just started playing yesterday.

Loading is too long compared to other online games and I really think this should be improved. I also noticed a lot of gamers just announcing their DIL(game currency) for sale websites. No GM is controlling it. I’m not sure though if they are allowing website Advertisement IN-GAME.


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