Fight of Characters (FoC) Map

Fight of Characters(FoC)  Map is becoming popular in Philippine Internet shop industry. Many Dota players seem to be enjoying using their favorite anime characters like Son Goku of Dragon Ball, Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach, Gaara of Naruto, Eugene of Ghost Fighter, Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece, InuYasha and many other famous anime characters.

The battle will end if a player achieve 100 kills or by killing Majin Buu. Please note Majin Buu is the big boss to kill and killing a boss is no easy task. More improvement for Fight of Characters version 7.7b G Warcraft map is expected in future releases since skills of characters are not balance.



12 comments to Fight of Characters (FoC) Map

  • MARCJAN  says:

    GALING TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fight of Characters  says:

    Absolutely, this game really rocks… i hope they can improvise this map.

  • THEON  says:

    Shiki of melty blood at si Zoro ng One Piece pinaka malakas dito hindi na balance pag 2 character na yan ang ginamit

  • L  says:

    fyi.. it aint a dota map.. its a warcraft 3 mod… guess your from the dota era . . .

  • zhaysay  says:

    ganda nito..waaa..
    kaka adik amf..
    khit gurl ako, nawili ako laro nito..
    kalaban kko mga guys….

  • juverdale  says:

    hi can you teach me how to yuse yugin to become a monster and become a 1 hitter i saw someone whos plaiying

  • Virusdetected  says:

    got FoC AI??

  • ninyo213  says:

    Nope. Your Wrong Shiki And Zoro Is not The Strongest You Dumb Ass Hole

  • kurudoj  says:

    Whatever your character is when i choose Gilgamesh YOU loose the game automatically since he is the strongest

  • arvin  says:


  • Bibocamus  says:

    Nakakaadik to at napaka ganda nito

    papano Ba tong laruen

  • Bibocamus  says:

    Jo napaka ganda nito

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