Fairy Story Online First Glance Review


Fairy Story Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG. From its name alone we can expect this online game is set in a world of fairy tales and from our point of view the game is targeting pre-teen to teens players.

Here’s my first glance review of the game.

Upon going to the process of  log-in in and  creating the character you will notice that there are  six possible characters to choose from and 3 professions which are Naughty, Brave and Sympathy. These professions are kind of unique and it is my first time to see such.   You can also customize the hair color and hair styles.

The graphics is a carton like and game environment has some vibrant colors and cool atmosphere. Playing Fairy Story for an hour or two made me think that player base isn’t here yet as I don’t see them.

Since this is just a first glance review,  I haven’t reached the part where character get along with the available pets but from the game description it has variety of pets you can choose from, a marriage system and some special couple skills.
The game is not within my top preferences but if you like cartoon like or cute mmorpg you can try the game.

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