Facebook Game : FrontierVille

Zynga, the creator of Farmville released its newest facebook game called Frontier Ville. From the time I first heard about the game I’ve been playing  the game whenever I have extra time. So, far its entertaining.

Basically, Frontier Ville game ask you to do some basic activities like farm ville. You grow crops, grow your town, clear those trees and other stuff on your land, feed the chicken and other animals, allow your neigbhors to help you, battle snakes, perform quest and reach your goal, hire neighbors and other more features. Right now I’m still on the low level mark and haven’t unlocked those other features but I read it from the developer site that Frontier Ville will allow you to settle down and grow your ownfamily. Thats something interesting. It uses also this Energy system that decrease everytime you do an activity and you need to rest when energy drop to zero.

This facebook game still on its young stage and we can somehow expect from Zynga that they will come out with more game features in the coming weeks to come. So far I would say this game shows simple but promising game play.

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