Facebook Game : Empires & Allies Updates


Zynga the maker of Empires & Allies made some updates to its Facebook Game Empires & Allies. Some new units announced. Additional level cap has been implemented already from level 55 to Level 65.

From the Shipyard you will be now seeing sea shadow and hospital ship.


  • The issues with the Honor and Infamy cap increase have been fixed! You should now retain your increased Honor/Infamy levels on refresh. Please note: As soon as you log back in, your new Honor/Infamy level should be reflected in your Empire. You will also receive all the power-ups for the intervening levels the next time you refresh, but there won’t be a pop-up—they’ll just be added straight to your inventory!
  • We’ve cleaned up the messages in Battle Blitz so that you don’t get booted back into your island when someone declares immunity.
  • Invading someone’s Ore Mines in Battle Blitz will now properly provide Ore, rather than Coins.
  • Fixed some issues with the display of the Battle Blitz bar.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented people from pausing or retreating from combat.

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