Facebook Game : Empires & Allies First Glance


It’s been months since I last played any facebook games. Then today I finally went to check some game invitations from some friends and started this Empires & Allies. The game is all about building your forces and join your neighbors to defeat the Dark Alliance and its from ZYNGA – the social game company that brings you Mafiawars, Farmville, Cityville and other cool social games that already hit Facebook users like us. At this point here’s my first glance review.

It has the same concept with Farmville and Cityville where you need to construct structures especially for your resources plus the military Island as Empires & Allies is a war browser game for the light heart-ed as its a cartoon like war among your neighbors or against the Dark Alliance.

The graphics is very colorful and stunning for a browser game. Animations and its details are nicely created. You can try zooming IN and you will see some cool animations of your city and forces.

Some features you will see in Empires & Allies are the engaging with other players through combat. You can invade or defend  and continue building your empire. There are a lot to build specially in the military aspect of the game. Example of those can be found on this screenshot. Cool right ?

If you invade some of your friends you can loot every four hours the resources on the specific area until the target player or an ally of the target repels their invasion. This makes it interesting. There are also the so called Honor and Infamy. Honor represented by a red heart  when you help another neighbors while Infamy when you attack others. You can also invade the dark empire by click the globe icon

As of this time Empires & Allies is very entertaining and probably it will keep me busy for a while. If you are once a Farmville or Cityville fan then your will enjoy Empires and Allies.  Let see if this game can surpass the success of Cityville.

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