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Back to the days when the Internet is not yet available, one past time I enjoy doing was playing Bingo with my siblings and relative. Usually we play this card game when watching TV gets boring. Fast forwarding to this day, kids who grew with an Internet connection around might not familiar with the BINGO game.

Then this past few weeks, while playing some facebook games I came across to this ads “Play Bingo Online”. Well, since I haven’t played the game for more than 10 years I visited the page linked from facebook. I ended up playing it for an hour or two and even chatted with other bingo players. Most of them were foreigners.


Initially, you will be given free Bingo cards so that you can join the game. Then you will need to choose a game room. Each rooms has a requirements like number of Bingo games played. For starter you can click Coffee House room. You can shout Bingo when you block five numbers in a Row and Four Corners pattern.


This is how the bingo game look like while numbers come out every 2 to 3 seconds.



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