Fable 3 Review – First Glance

I recently got a Xbox 360 arcade (actually I won it for only P269 from a bidding site) and my first Xbox game is Fable III from Lionhead Studios (also known as Microsoft Game Studios Europe). From the title itself Fable III is the third part of this wonderful action role-playing video game though I haven’t played the past Fable installment so I just based my first glance review directly fromĀ  Fable III.

Since Fable III is inline with role playing Game its expected you should do a lot of quests, there are also some interesting fighting and adventure your way into the Fable diversified World. It has an excellent and strong story and a lot of character interactions in game with other important elements of a RPG game. For that I think it will hook me to this game for a while. I also noticed the game has a lot of humor with British accent voice over. It’s also recommended you put that volume up for an intense Fable Xbox experience.

At the moment I cannot really talk about Graphics as this is the only Xbox game I got so far and without comparison to the other Xbox title its hard to say something. Diverse Environments exist in this game and you will enjoy it like I did.

Overall the game is worth playing and since I just got this Xbox360 Arcade I believe I made a right choice of getting Fable III as my first Xbox Game Title. I’m enjoying every bit of it.

For now I cannot Video Capture any images from the game as I haven’t explored it yet. That’s all for now.

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