Exteel SEA Online

I wasn’t really aware that there is a game called Exteel not until I visited Ozine Fest 09 in Megamall last week. iAm Interactive had a booth on the said event and I was able to check the game out though I did not sign up for an account. As of this post registration for closed beta already ran out of accounts. You just wait for the open beta. Fortunately my friend lend me his account.

I played the game for an hour or two and my first impression was nice. First thing came to my mind is that the Robot type suit is similar to Gundam or Robotech which is not bad. Expect a H-tech and fast battle inside the game. The Robot characters can have big weapon and sword that can be use to slash and destroy your enemy. Additional upgrade is also available.

I’ll be posting a separate post for some screenshots I took from Exteel SEA Online


  1. WHEN IS EXTEEL Open Beta be Avaliable on the philippine online game web and do we need to buy top up cards to play this game…

    advise anyopne please

  2. As far as I know this game is Free to play, but you can purchase items from the item mall!


    I have accounts for exteel or I can create one for you:

    1. Clean Accounts – Php500.00

    2. Level 5 Mechanaughts Php700.00

    3. Level 7 Mechanaughts – Php800.00

    4. Level 10 Mechanaughts – Php1,000.00

    Email at agentkiko47@yahoo.com for details.

  4. This is old, but I’d still like to contribute. As of now, I know Exteel SEA is available to all SEA Players. Fortunately for me I got to play on the US version much earlier (2006 I believe) It’s great and real fun. I’m quite shocked you haven’t heard of it as when it came out, there was a lot of advertisement going on. Its Free to Play (Both US/EU and SEA versions). But it does have an item mall. Again, fast paced action rocks. The only issue anyone will have is hackers and lag. Teamwork is essential but there are good lone wolfs out there.

  5. How do you play exteel brianboy?
    I can’t access to the game,
    it only says ” please verify you password ”

  6. bakit nag down ang exteel? meron bang exteel na bago? pls.. post to download a new exteel! we will enjoy to play that game, we are sad! becuase exteel is down! why a Phillipines? not allowed to join exteel lueage? from US?

  7. bakit ba ayaw iconnect satin ng EXTEEL US ung SITE nila nag DOWN LOAD PA ako ng BETA nila taz wala rin amff !! KUNG MAY BAGONG EXTEEL PAKI LINK na lang d2 para lahat mka LARO ok tnx !!

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