Empire Craft – Free Browser Strategy Game

I’ve been seeing Empire Craft web ads for few days now and while waiting the downloading of some new MMORPG game to finish, I’ve given this web based Strategy Online Game a try.

Empire Craft is a Free Browser Strategy Game. With a computer connecting to internet, you can start the game on browser easily. This browser game is set on a western fantasy world. The game race includes Human, Dwarf, Orcs, Merman, Harpy and Devil. Basically, you will be building and managing your resources, army, town and Heroes. You can also complete quest to gain rewards. For beginners you will be given sort of protection before other players can attack you at the same time you cannot attack other players. This protection will be ineffective when your town population reaches 300 or when you are already playing 7 days which ever comes first. You will also get rewards as you continue playing the game for the next few days.

For starter, I really recommend you do the quest. By doing it you will understand how your town and resources improve. Empire Craft also consist of Heroes were you can equip it with armors, weapon, mount and distribute skill points. Strategy is also needed as you will need to plan which is the best way to proceed and build your army as it takes real time to recruit your army and upgrade your building.

To play the game head on to Empire Craft

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