Eligium Review – First Glance


I recently installed and started playing for a week now this new MMO that is currently on Closed Beta stage since June 18, 2012. Eligium – the choosen one, published in the  Philippines by Level UP Playweb games.

Some features of Eligium includes cool mounts and unique pets system that you need to raise and train a pet which you get it as an egg on a certain level/Quest. I’m looking  forward also to try other features on what the game description mentioned on their official website. Let me quote it.

The Eligium Guild System allows players to manage and maintain their own Guild Outpost, which represents their place of power in-game. The outpost’s buildings, such as the
Tavern, the Walls, the Warehouse and theBarracks, can be upgraded to provide services that can benefit the entire guild.

Tavern – An upgraded tavern allows a guild a larger maximum member capacity.

Library – Building the library develops the guild’s technology level. Buffs for warfare and production can be researched here.

Barracks – A guild with a barracks can train mercenaries that help defend the keep during the massive guild vs. guild battles.

That quite interesting to see and hopefully, during the open beta I still have the luxury time to play and spend more hours in playinh this game. Some features are just standard to most MMO available in the market so you might also like it. There are four character classes which are available in this game namely : Warrior, Mage, Hunter and druid. I created a druid character but you really need to check the hunter as it holds huge and unique gun. There are two factions, The Holy Kingdom of Sanctia and the The Glorious Empire of Honorhold. I joined Holy Kingdom of Sanctia for this first glance review. Unfortunately the character look is lock to what was presented to you during charater creation which mean you cannot customize your character look. Like most of the MMO nowadays low level quest are easy in which you can just click the quest and you will be taken to the location.
Like what I usually look in any MMO available online, I check its community as I believe the community will make our playing enjoyeable and fun. Without it for me its just a waste a time not to mention any game without a good number of players has shorter lifespan. So far the player base here in the Philippine for Eligum is medium to large and I can consider it as active . The game graphics looks good and environment were nicely done.


Before I end this review let me say this, I enjoy playing this MMO and honestly its been a while since I spent more time playing a mmo like this.

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