Eligium Philippines – Revisited

I played the game but I was not really got hooked with Eligium (Philippines) MMORPG since it went open beta July 9 2012 of last year. Today when I was cleaning some files on my desktop PC I saw the game is still here and decided to update it. Wow it took me an hour waiting to finish all of the updates. When it was finally done I log in and go excited what the game had become but only to find out that nobody really playing it that much anymore. I spent few minutes doing hack and slash and finally someone came and I asked if there are town where other players meet. Unfortunately, he said the community isn’t as active as last year. I also checked their official Eligium forum to see how the community was and the last post was June 24, 2013. Well, there are lot of games nowadays and only those games that are extra ordinary or games that have good marketing strategy will have active community.

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