Dusk Palace Patch Launched : Perfect World Philippines

Perfect Timing!! My sarcastic reaction to what had happened yesterday to my hard drive. My drive C:\ partition got corrupted and it won’t load my OS. After troubleshooting it for few minutes I decided to format that drive alone since my other partition does work perfectly after putting it to slave.

Guess what? after almost an hour I was able to use my computer and immediately installed Perfect World Online. Why the game? because yesterday the new patch called Dusk Palace was launched and I wanted to check them out immediately since I’m a perfect world player.

Anyway,  Here are some notes you should check out
Game version key: 12

A.PATCH SIZE: approximately 7mb

•Dusk Palace Dungeon has been activated
•GShop Item Mall have been updated
-Added new fashion sets
-Added new flight devices
-Added Perfect Golden Egg and Fashion Dye Sets
•Uploaded Batch 2 and 3 of Clan Emblems

Items on Sale
-Bronze Amulets and Hierograms from 300 Gold to 200 Gold
-Silver Amulets and Hierograms from 800 gold to 600
-Gold Amuslets and Hierograms from 1300 Gold to 1100
-Town portal (1) from 40 Gold to 20 Gold; Town portal (10) from 360 Gold to 180 Gold.
-Transmission stones (1) from 100 Gold to 60 Gold; Transmission Stones (20) from 900 Gold to 540 Gold.



  1. please po paki send naman po saken ng patch ng perfect world ph ung patch simula una hanngang latest po tankz po very much^^

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