Dragona Philippines Review – First Glance

After participating in the Pre-Beta 1 (CBT) which started July 28 upto August 7, 2011, I’m finally decided to write a little of my first Glance review of Dragona Philippines. For the Philippine gaming community, the game is publish by GameClub Philippines.

Dragona comes with three races namely Human, Kali and Eldin. Then human comes with two major jobs Gunner and Sniper while Kalis has Guardian and Assassin and finally the Eldin race they have Ranger and Magician. One cool feature of Dragona is its game system that allows characters to transform into  a certain appearance once an item is worn on either the head, upper body, lower body, or the arms. There is also the so called full transformation in which the character changes its appearance and form that comes with its special weapon to boost its attack and defense power against other characters. There is a limitation to how long a character to stay on that form.

Here’s a video of a Gunner that shows the transformation which I found on youtube.

For the graphics, its noticeable and obviously stunning. The fighting or battle animations are nicely created including its individual characters.

I’ve reached level 20 for the first few days of playing Dragona PH but these characters will be wipe out once Open Beta starts and hopefully during the open beta I can spend more time playing this game as I had a great time playing the Closed Beta.

Check some Dragona Philippines which screen shots I captured few days ago.

There will be another close beta 2 and then the Open beta will finally take place on August 16, 2011. To download Dragona Philippines you can visit this page.


  1. I can’t believe that Dragona MMORPG looks like this and I do not pay attention when I saw this in advertisement. Characters and Armors are pretty damn good. Looks like I need to check it out.

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