Dragon Oath (EU) Review / First Glance

Dragon Oath is a 3D Martial Arts theme MMORPG set in Ancient China. It was first released in 2007 in Mainland China and with that  this MMORPG game is more or less 2 year-old. Then last year when I first saw it on the internet I was really eager to play it  but I needed to wait for few months as the US released does not allow IP coming from the Philippines. Fortunately later on they came out with the  Europe version.

My first glance on the game is not what I’ve expected. I somehow expected  more quality in the graphics and a much better environment and also more customization options upon character creation. Since I mentioned character creation, in Dragon Oath you can pick premade faces, dresses and portrait that is use as your avatar inside the game. . But I would say its not a bad interface as well. Probably, I expected too much because they made a very stunning advertisment graphics on different game portals.

For now I won’t talk to much on the  gameplay as i’m still below level 20 and trying to past that mark in the coming days. My first few minutes spent on quests which helped me a lot in getting familiarize with the game maps and environment.  The gameplay somehow gets interesting when I reached level 10. On this level you will be choosing from the nine (9) classes. These martial arts classes are Shaolin, Pyromancer , Lotus Order, Royalty, Minstrel, Beggars Alliance, Taoist, Voodoo and Assassin. Since the shaolin is one of the rarest class I usually see  in a MMORPG ,  I  picked it as my character class.

What I don’t like with this game is that I find the camera  or view rotation a little bit short in distance special when you are running forward. I’m still looking forward to reach a decent level and maybe I can appreciate the game more. It was also announced that Dragon Oath Expansion is on its way and was scheduled next month. Let see if there some major add-on and interesting changes from its current settings.

To play Dragon Oath EU to go http://tlbb.eu.changyou.com/

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