Dragon Age : Origins , First Glance

Back in my college days I was a big fan of this Role Playing Game called King’s Quest from Sierra Entertainment which I believe is one of the best RPG adventure game that time.

Fast forwarding to this era I got my hands on this newest Role Playing Game from Electronic Arts and developed by BioWare’s Edmonton studio. The company just recently released Dragon Age : Origins, a single player RPG. At first I thought I won’t be hooked since my facination is in MMORPG and  online games but I was wrong as I started launching Dragon Age, I found myself skipping meals.

My first hour exploring the game was entertaining. The story line  is soo interesting and I know there are still a lot of adventures ahead. I even felt I was on the movie as dialogue and voice acting bring characters to life.  Not just that the story line reacts to what action my  character have chosen.  Graphics is  awesome and it runs well on 1GIG ram and 512mb video card.




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  1. the storyline is damn good but i think the witcher 2 assassins of kings(developed by bioware din) will be better.well different people have different taste so they say.

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