Dragon Age II Review – First Glance for Xbox 360 Live

Dragon Age : Origins came out back in November of 2009 and during that time I tried the game on PC and post a short First glance review. Fast Forwarding to march 2011 I got a copy of the sequel Dragon Age II and this time is for XBOX 360 Live and immediately got my attention and there I spent hours of playing it. My first Glance Dragon Age II review was quite enjoyable. So here is it.
When I inserted my Dragon Age II Xbox game DVD I was asked to update my XBOX Live 360 Console and so I did. Then I watched the Opening Cinematic Intro of the game.
For the Story, Hawke, the acclaimed Champion of Kirkwall will continue his story throughout the game. Its up to us players which choices will make and venture to the story line. We can choose to be one of three classes available(Warrior, mage and rogue). I can say even I haven’t finish the game, playing DA2 is indeed ¬†entertaining.
Dragon Age II world is still fabulous. Story line and quests are still there for you to check on it. The environment, enemy graphics and bad-ass combat animation is just impressive. The sounds are just nice.

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