Download K.POP Songs from I-Date Philippines

Korean Pop or K.POP has been around for quite sometimes now and its continuing to be appreciated by Filipinos especially by the younger generation. If you are playing I Date Philippines and looking where to download those K.POP songs, well look no further as all the songs you are hearing in-game are all available in your I Date game client. If you installed it in the default folder you can find it at C:\Program Files\GameClub\Philippines\iDate\Media\Sound and check those .ogg files and play it.

You can also convert it to mp3 if you want to. You can use ogg to mp3 converter 1.2. Just search google for it.

6 Responses to Download K.POP Songs from I-Date Philippines

  1. alan012 says:

    fuck ang mga laro ng gameclub ayaw mag run lhat

    I date

  2. hellofpunk says:

    hi how can i download idate

    pls tell me how to download it!

    help me and keep support me


  3. criptuz says:

    i want to play it

  4. criptuz says:

    how to play it

  5. criptuz says:

    sana maka laro nua cu nayan panu ba yan laroin

  6. mamay says:

    how to download ? really need help please(**pout**puppy eyes**)

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