Download Cabal Philippines Installer – Writing ini Files Values Error


Download Cabal Philippines Installer – Writing ini Files Values Error

I’ve been seeing cabal related comments here at that some visitors were having hard time in downloading the cabal installer from e-games official website. Since I’m taking a break from SC2, what I did I tried downloading the installer and I successfully downloaded the game without any problem. But when I installed it I’m getting this writing ini files values error at the end of the installation. I waited for couple of minutes but the message won’t disappear. Eventually I cancelled the installation and it hanged again when it attempted to do the the installation rollback.

The next thing I did was I clicked the unfinished cabal icon on the desktop and suprisingly the Cabal client launches and started patching itself. Now thats interesting. It took few minutes and finally I was able to revisited Cabal Philippines.

For those people who cannot download cabal installer maybe when you tried it there was an internet slow down or similar issues. You can try it again. Right now I can really say the Download page from egames works.


  1. While installing the game, I get this “Writing INI FIles Values” problem, the progress bar is stucked there for almost an hour. I CTRL+DEL and closed the installer without roll back. I run cabal.exe and it started patching, the patcher automatically closed and i found out that my cabal.exe was renamed to cabal.exe.cabal. I renamed it back to “cabal.exe”, did run and it it’s patching already.. E-Games should check on their Cabal installer..

    Hope this helps everyone, my machine is Windows 7 Home 64bit and im using Asus K52JC (i5, Geforce 310M, 4GB Ram)

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